Indoor Air Quality / Mold Inspections

Colonial Spec 017There is a growing concern about the presence of mold in homes today. Our inspection area is especially prone to concerns due to the sub-tropical climate, hurricanes, and tropical storms that have occurred over recent years. Any past leaks and/or other water events can potentially promote mold growth in visible and/or concealed areas.

A visual inspection for mold is performed to determine what type of air quality concerns there may be in the home and what type of testing should be performed. Air quality testing and/or surface sampling is done and the samples are sent to an AIHA LAP accredited laboratory for analysis.

In most cases laboratory analysis takes approximately 48 hours to complete. Should a residential mold inspection need to be performed prior to the purchase of a home, additional time should be allotted for the inspection period. This allows time for the inspection, evaluation, and laboratory analysis to be completed, and for the client to receive all reports. If you have any questions about mold, or other indoor air quality issues, please feel comfortable contacting Colonial Inspections today.

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