Our Inspectors


“Experience is the difference.

Meet the Colonial Inspection Team:

Ron Hufft
LHI #10084

Ron’s years of experience in concrete and steel commercial inspections led him to the Home Inspection industry in the mid 1990’s. Ron has been licensed through the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors since the agency’s onset.

With over 6,000 home inspections and more than 15 years of experience under his belt, Ron offers an unparalleled amount of field expertise.

Ron is a Louisiana State Approved Field Trainer for new licensees, and also provides continuing education for licensed Home Inspectors. In fact, he has provided training to the large majority of Licensed Home Inspectors in the area.

Julie Hufft
ESA #1892

With a background in Marketing and Environmental Biology, joining her husband in the inspection industry was a no brainer.

Julie is a Certified Indoor Air Quality/Mold Inspector and Assessor. She has been performing IAQ/Mold Inspections since 2003. This put her in the epicenter of the Katrina aftermath where unprecedented experience was gained.

Along with mold inspections, Julie also performs Contaminated (Chinese) Drywall Inspections, and Radon Inspections.

In addition to her inspection responsibilities, Julie also handles all of the day-to-day business for the company, including all scheduling, accounting, and marketing. Julie is the live voice on the phone and is always available to make sure your inspection needs are met on a timely basis.